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Here's The #1 Way to Turn a Trading Strategy Into a MT4 EA in Under 45 Minutes - And I'll Prove It To You!


Watch As I Show You “Step-by-step” How a Simple Guy Like Me is Able to Build a Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (MT4 EA) Right Before Your Eyes (without any coding)


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Discover the Basics to Automating Your Trades & Trading Tasks


Cam’s Free Mini Course Will Get You Started With The Software You Need, Historical Data Sources, Mistakes To Avoid and Understanding MetaTrader 4 Brokers

Free Mini Course

Anyone Can Learn This

Anyone with simple math can learn to create automated trading software. Our course teaches you step-by-step how to build MT4 Expert Advisors (without touching any code) using FxDreema’s EA Builder.

Save Time Trading

Let’s agree. Trading takes time. But by automating things you can cut down the time you spend trading and testing strategies dramatically. This will significantly reduce your screen time and allow you do other things you enjoy.

Boost Your Confidence

By testing strategies on high quality historical data with automated trading strategies you can be sure you’ll remain confident during draw down periods and after a losing trade.

Learn to Build MT4 EA’s (Without Coding)

Our EA Building Course teaches you how to use our recommended EA builder, FxDreema, to:

Rapidly turn any mechanical strategy into an MT4 EA

Automate trading tasks like managing or placing orders

Test strategies on the highest quality back data (99.9%)

Optimize strategies so you’re trading with the best settings

Easily transition from testing to trading EA’s on a live account

Monetize your new EA building skills

What Our Customers Are Saying

“This course is absolutely superb & amazing value for money.”

I am in no way affiliated with Cam Hawkins & purchased his course after trying out the EA he showed on his Youtube video.

Having been ripped off more times than I care to remember by dishonest vendors in this online trading environment, I knew I was taking a risk.

Well all I can say is this is the best money I have ever spent. This course is absolutely superb & amazing value for money.

The EA’s that Cam gives away with the course are worth several times the price of the course alone, never mind the excellent video tuition.

He also includes at the present time 11 proven profitable trading methods for converting to EAs. After watching the first few videos I made my own EA which produced a steady positive equity curve over 5 years without curve fitting.

I am so looking forward to putting into practice the rest of the material from the videos. As the community grows it will only get better as we share EAs & trading ideas.

Thank you Cam for putting this together.

Kevin D

United Kingdom

“What a find!”

Having manually traded the forex market for several years (with mixed results) I came to the realization that all the highest liquidity is in the European & US sessions.

Living in New Zealand & trading these sessions (especially the US session) would mean being up half the night. With a day job this was out of the question.

So I embarked upon a journey of trying to write an EA. In my search I stumbled across Cam Hawkins Course “Automate My Trading”.

What a find! I am in the process of going through the videos a second time around, and am still picking up on things I missed on the first viewing.

The video’s on testing, troubleshooting & optimization are especially valuable!

If I had to rely solely on the help provided on the forum on the FXDreema site (the Software used to create the EA’s) it would have been a long protracted drawn out exercise, with a lot of screen time & not much forward movement. This Course has dramatically shortened up my learning curve & add to that Cam’s willingness to answer all your questions (no matter how trivial), I am making great progress.

There are a lot of people out there in the forex world selling snake oil in an attempt to make a buck, but this course & Cam is not one of them. If anything he over delivers!

Justin A.

New Zealand

The Possibilities Are Endless…

Here are just some of the EA’s created by our course graduates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to turn my strategy into an EA after taking the course?

Yes. As long as your strategy has mechanical rules and isn’t based on “gut feel” or intuition then you should be able to build in any strategy. The things that are a little more difficult are placing trend lines exactly where you want them to be, but it’s still possible to place these on a chart and use them in your strategy.

Can I use multiple time frames in a strategy?

Yes, you can use any MT4 time frame in a single strategy, e.g. you place trades on the M1 chart using signals from the M15 and M30 charts at the same time and in one EA.

Will I be able to create EA's that use multiple instruments/symbols/markets to place trades?

Yes, you can use any symbol available from your broker in any of your EA’s, e.g. you could place trades on the EURUSD based on what’s happening in the S&P index.

What if I can't build my strategy after taking the course?

Our community is where you can get help from other members and myself, if you get stuck on a problem when building your strategy.

What if I don't have a strategy?

We have links in the members that point you to places you can find mechancial trading strategies, e.g.

Can I use secured custom indicators I've purchased in my EA's?

Yes, in most cases you can use custom indicators that have been secured by a vendor with MQL Lock or some other type of security. On the odd occasion you will run into issues.

Customer indicators in .ex4 format can be added without issue.

We’d love to hear from you.