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Confidently Turn Any Mechanical Trading Strategy into a MT4/5 EA in Just a Few Hours (without coding)

And… Learn How To Be Certain Your EA Builds Will Make Money, Before You Decide To Trade Them Live
WARNING: After Taking This Course You’ll Never Need To Buy Another EA, Use A Developer or Learn MQL

Say "Bye, bye" To Slow, Lazy or Bad Developers

If you’ve ever used a developer to build an EA you know it can take a while – 1 week, 2 weeks… stretching to months (unless you pay the big bucks that is). My experience over the past 5 years has been pretty bad with MQL developers too. That’s part of the reason I created this course.

“With the course, you’ll take control back from developers because we give you the skills to build any strategy you dream up or come across in the future.”

Forget Learning To Code MQL

Learning to code MQL is like learning French or German… But the Alien version of it. It takes time and it sends you in the wrong direction. So, instead of focusing on building profitable strategies your focus gets directed to bug fixing coding issues… “Whoops, I missed a comma”. Yes, that’s what coding is like. The smallest character out of place and the whole thing stops.

“EA Builders remove the need to code, improve speed of development and keep you focused on testing and optimizing strategies.”

Never Buy a Trading Robot Again

If you’re like me you’ve spent a fair share of $$$ on commercial “off the shelf” MT4 EA’s with a bunch of marketing hype and proof behind the only to find the results are terrible, or it’s profitable for a while and then starts losing – a lot. And you usually end up out of pocket several hundred dollars.

“By learning to build your own EA’s you’ll never want to purchase a commercial EA again, in fact, you might even produce one yourself.”

How I Stumbled On The Solution…

headshot4Hi, my name is Cam Hawkins… If you’ve heard of me before you’re probably a listener of my 52 Traders Podcast where I interview successful traders, pretty much, every week in an attempt to become one of them… So, I’m glad to see you’re over here at

Now, while I haven’t cracked the code on trading yet, I’ve at least stopped all the stupid stuff I was doing like:

Buying trading systems – One’s that promised the earth with big budget marketing campaigns but didn’t work… I’ve spent thousands of dollars on these over the 8+ years I’ve been trading and I promise you that I’ve seen my fair share of rubbish

Buying trading robots – Ones that were even worse than the systems – I publicly reviewed 100’s of MT4 EA’s and the only one that showed promise was quickly shut down by brokers when “they” started losing money to their liquidity providers

Listen to my interview with Rob Booker to hear all about it:

Trading live too early – Without back testing strategies or manually back testing strategies over a very short timeframe

Not sticking to my strategy – So I could take a trade, probably because I was bored and felt like I should be doing something trading related

Revenge trading – To make up for a loss, without any trading plan at all

The list goes on… You name it, I’ve probably done it.

You’ve Probably Stumbled On The Same Solution Already…

If my list of “stupid stuff” sounds familiar you’re probably like me and stumbled across this solution before but dismissed it for one reason or another…

The Solution Is Simple…


“Learn to Use an EA Builder to Automate Your Trading to Help
Stop You From Making Stupid Mistakes When You Trade”


But What’s an EA Builder?

An EA Builder is a piece of software that allows you to build MetaTrader 4 or 5 Expert Advisors (aka MT4 EA’s) without having to do any coding.

It’s a bit like using Microsoft Word instead of writing HTML but for automating trading tasks like entering, exiting and managing positions.

And, What EA Builder Should I Use?

That’s a good question. I’ve reviewed over 14 EA Builders and one stood out from the rest from a price, performance and functionally stand point. It’s called FxDreema.

But, Why Did I Wait So Long??!!

I stumbled across EA builders about 7 years ago and my first attempt at building EA’s was a disaster. I couldn’t even create a single EA!

Even though it looked easy enough to use… For some reason…

… I just couldn’t get my head around them…


I quickly gave up and thought hiring an MQL developer would be quicker… And this was where my frustrations began with developers. In fact, it wasn’t just me.

Here’s a thread of emails from one of my listeners who experienced the exact same frustrations I did.

Check the dates in the top right, the whole thing took 3 months and his developer didn’t create a single thing…



And The Lessons Kept Coming… 

Have YOU Experienced The Same Lessons…


“New Breakthrough Trading Robot Made Me $36,536.12 In 3 Months On Autopilot!!!”

If you haven’t read a headline like this yet, you’re probably new to the EA business and have had a lucky break landing here first off.

Almost everyone starts off buying hyped up commercial EA’s (including me) and the results are pretty much the same every time… I should know, I tested over 100 commercial EA’s over 3 years…

And here’s just a small part of my story:

“I started off on the right track with trading – purchasing a professional course recommended to me by a professional trader I knew.

But a few months later I found what looked like an much easier way:  MT4 Trading Robots offered up for $97 – $1997 from unknown vendors all over the internet.

I wasted years squandering my hard earned money on hyped up EA’s and it all came to a head when one EA put me in $4000 of draw down over 3 weeks…

When I spent the final week waking up in cold sweats I knew the gig was up and I’d have to close the 100+ open positions, for the sake of my health and sanity”

Sound familiar?

We’ve almost all been down the commercial EA path at some point. You’re not alone, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Today’s a new day and learning the skills to build EA’s will make you look at commercial EA’s in a completely different light… I promise you that.


“Sorry, but a storm hit our Island and I lost internet access for a few weeks. I’ll finish building your EA next week.”

Ever heard this excuse from your EA Developer? And this one it pretty tame.

If you’ve ever wanted to automate your strategy your first stop is usually hiring a MQL developer. If you can afford a good one at $30-$60/hr then you might be okay – as long as you have a budget of at least $1,000 that is.

But if you’re like me, when I first went down the developer route, you’ll be looking for that bargain and be tempted by fixed priced jobs for $50 or cheap developers who charge under $10/hr and, as the saying goes, “pay peanuts, get monkeys”.

I went through 11 MQL developers before I realized I was better off doing it myself.

Here are just some of the problems I faced, which you may have faced too:

  • paying way too much for a simple EA
  • constantly chasing developers for new versions to test
  • going back and forth trying to get them to build the strategy correctly
  • waiting for days, weeks or even months to test the next version – so long, in fact, you forgot what you were suppose to be testing and the developer forgot what he was suppose to be fixing
  • not getting a response from your developer for long periods of time

If you’ve wasted money on a developer who didn’t deliver – it’s okay, you’re not alone.


“I spent so much time learning MQL… This strategy had better work!”

Learning to code without any prior experience is a “massive” undertaking.

And while most traders think learning MQL will give them an advantage and control they need to build good EA’s, they overlook two important facts…

1) There’s virtually no advantage – if you use the right EA builder you can do 99.9% of what you can do with raw MQL

2) You end up spending most of your time learning to code and “actually” coding and not enough time testing, tweaking and optimizing your strategies

In short, you end up focusing on the wrong things, i.e. coding vs. trading.

I know this because I’ve built 1000’s of EA’s now and most of my time is spent tweaking the rules of the strategy, trying different filters, optimizing parameters over and above the actual building of the strategy in the first instance.

If you thought learning to code MQL was the only way to build EA’s then you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re not the only one.

I was one of those people back in the day and when I surveyed 74 some traders to find out if they thought the same, 32.5% thought that learning MQL was the best approach. And, now YOU and I both know better.


“EA Builders are too complicated & limited in what they can do… I’m better off using a developer”

Ahh, yes. The myth’s about EA builders.

For some reason the MT4 community got it in their minds that EA builders wouldn’t let you build quality EA’s.

Now, that may have been the case back in the day, but in this day and age, there are no limitations to what an EA builder can do – if you pick the right one that is.

Here’s just a small list of what FxDreema (my recommended EA builder) is capable of:

  • Using Multiple Time frames in a single strategy
  • Recognizing, moving and editing chart objects and placing them on the chart
  • Using DLL locked Custom Indicators in strategies
  • Using Multiple Symbols in a single strategy, e.g. EURCHF and DAX30
  • Using external data to drive strategies, e.g. scrapping a website
  • Dynamically adjusting traditional or custom indicators
  • Hiding your stop loss and take profit from brokers
  • Reading candlestick patterns – obviously 😉
  • And this is only the tip of the ice burg

So, if you were one of those people who thought EA builders weren’t up to the task… hopefully this news you’ve been waiting for…

In fact, if you still have questions or concerns about EA builders, feel free to contact me here.


I Didn’t Think It Would Be This Hard…

Now, my first attempt at building EA’s using EA builders was short lived and I gave up too easily… And my second attempt wasn’t any easier.

The chart below shows you how my learning curve went when you compare it to the number of strategies I was able to build and test.


The good news is, when you layer over manually testing strategies or learning MQL, you can see it’s actually quicker to go through the EA Builder learning process than manually testing or automating with MQL.



Here’s the kicker…


I soon realized the skills I now had were quite valuable to traders. Lots of traders want to automate things but don’t have the skills to do it. And now I did.

What’s more, I thought this was a skill others could learn and I could save people from the massive learning curve I had to overcome.

So, I decided to put all my knowledge into a course thinking I would be able to help other traders compete with the big institutions or save them from wasting money on hyped up trading robots like I did.


So I Built a Course On Building EA’s…


And, here’s exactly what my course does to the “EA Builder” learning curve above:


And, Building EA’s Is Only Half Of It…

To get the benefits of automation there’s another essential ingredient you need to crack and understand before you can confidently trade strategies live. The secret ingredient…


Reliable Historical Data for Back Testing



I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on historical data packages in the past, so thought I had it cracked.

When recently I discovered a new way to get even higher quality historical data for free… It was even better than the data I was paying for. And the good news is… I give you the tools and teach you how to get access to the data as part of the course. Which means…


You’ll be setup with 99.9% back testing data on your MT4 in no time.

Now, Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Create Passive Income…

What If You had the Skills to Automate Any Mechanical Trading Strategy…
Putting It On Auto-Pilot To Make You $$$ Every Day?

What Would That Mean For You?


Would you be able to quit your job,  retire early, buy a big house with a swimming pool in a warm climate near the beach, become an investor, start a business, spend more time with your kids/wife/family members in need of care… Buy that car or boat you’ve been eyeing up for years… Have 5 holidays a year…

beach  boat  cars  family-holiday  infinity-pool

Your One Important Step Away From Having the Freedom You Always Wanted…

Take a Peek Inside the Course…

You can run through the course in under a day with 10 hours of video footage taking you “step-by-step” through your learning.

Setting Up Your MT4 Testing Center

(Value: $200)


Create your very own Metatrader 4 testing center where you’ll have perfect conditions to test and optimize your EA’s so you can be confident your EA will perform under real market conditions.

Receive special software (with a personal license key) that feeds your MT4 terminal with up to the day historical tick data.

Never pay for historical data again – with access to over 61 currency pairs, 7 commodity markets and 17 indices you’ll never need to buy data again.

Becoming Familiar with FxDreema

(Value: $100)


Learn the ins and outs of FxDreema’s EA Builder software saving you from weeks of “trial and error” frustration trying to get your first EA to work, let alone execute your strategy.

Learn the essential EA Building tool-set (most people give up before even finding these) allowing you can get your first EA built within a matter of minutes or hours rather than (days or weeks).

FxDreema Functions in Detail

(Value: $100)


You can approach this module in two ways:

  1. Devour the whole lot at once – to get the “lay of the land” before diving into EA builds
  2. Take a bite now and then – to start building EA’s right out of the gates

You’ll learn the tools to tackle any EA building challenge head on – from referencing external data sources (like Twitter feeds) to taking screenshots of the chart.

You’ll see there are virtually no limitations to what you can create after going through this module.

Building EA’s & Custom Indicators

(Value: $200)


Watch as I take you “step-by-step” through 5 different strategies – turning them into working EA’s, right before your eyes.

You’ll learn how to how to enter trades, manage active trades and exit trades – so you can fully automate an entire strategy or semi automate parts of your discretionary trading strategy.

You’ll learn how to build a price action EA and a trend trading EA so you’ll understand how to work with candle stick patterns and multiple timeframes.

How to create Custom Indicators for free if you want to include them in a strategy.

How to build a Binary Options EA to trade a Binary Options strategy.

You’ll get the download of my each EA I build so you can import them into your FxDreema account saving you time and ensuring you don’t get stuck.

MT4 & FxDreema Testing & Troubleshooting Guide

(Value: $100)


The honest truth is you will get frustrated at some point when you’re building EA’s – even I do. But that’s okay, because I teach heaps of smart, time saving ways to get you over that next hurdle when you’re testing your EA’s

Learning these “tricks” and “short-cuts” will help you get past those tricky times where you think you’ve hit a brick wall – time and time again these techniques get you to the next stage no matter what your strategy

These tips will trim weeks off your build time and guarantee you’ll be able to turn virtually any mechanical strategy into an EA

Optimizing EA’s for Tradeability & Profitability

(Value: $100)


Understand the MT4 Optimizer in detail – how to run tests and read the outputs.

Learn time saving techniques to speed up your EA optimization efforts helping you find the best settings for your EA even quicker.

Learn tactics that will make your optimization tests run lightening fast.

Live Trading & Free Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

(Value: $100)


Learn what changes you need to make when you take your EA’s off demo and onto a live trading account

How to save yourself your first years worth of EA hosting costs – setting up a free VPS (no strings attached)

Monetizing Your New EA Building Skills

(Value: $97)


You’ll learn how to easily turn your new EA building skills into an ongoing “passive” income.

You’ll learn how to leverage your skills to earn exponentially more money than you would by trading your systems – and it only takes a few minutes to setup.

Total Value: $997

And 4 Amazing Bonuses…

Not only will you learn how to build EA’s just like me, I’ll be fast tracking your learning by giving you a “step up” with these 4 killer bonuses…

15 Ready Made EA’s You Can Import To Your FxDreema Account

(Value: $350)

Trend Trading

Easily import in to your own FxDreema account

Adapt to your liking, optimize and trade if you wish… they are yours to keep

Here are just some of the EA’s you’ll receive: Trendline EA, Higher Trends EA, My Personal “highly configurable” Candy Shop EA, Grid Trading EA, Trailing Stop EA, Fibonacci Levels EA, Price Action Based EA, Trend Trading EA, EA Using Chart Objects, Binary Options EA, Simple EA, Support & Resistance EA and 3 more!

10 Proven Trading Strategies To Get You Underway

(Value: $100)


Don’t have a strategy? Then this is exactly what you need

Get 7 strategies developed by an anonymous Multi Millionaire trader

Get 1 strategy that placed first at a trading competition in 2011

Get 2 strategies placed among the top 5 at the same trading competition over 8 consecutive years

3 Month FxDreema Subscription Boost

(Value: $36)


Get a 3 month subscription boost for your personal FxDreema account

Whenever you’re ready simply apply for your FxDreema subscription boost in the members area

We’ll credit your account with 3 months free usage – which is plenty of time to get your EA builds underwaye years

Get A Copy Of Every EA I Create In My Live Webinars

(Value: $500)


Get a copy of every EA I create during my live webinars

You’ll get the raw code that can be imported into your FxDreema account

You’ll be able to adapt and change each EA in your own FxDreema account

You’ll be able to watch the webinar replay’s to see how the EA was built

Bonus Value: $986

 Plus, Access to the Private “Lifetime Members Only”
EA Building Community

When you’re dealing with challenging tasks, where there are many ways to solve a problem it’s often better to tackle it with the help of others. And that’s exactly why I created the Private “Members Only” Group.

The community is a safe place to:


  • Ask for help from Cam and other members
  • Share EA’s
  • Share strategies
  • Share custom indicators
  • Working on EA building projects with other Lifetime Members in private teams (so your EA building efforts stay secret)
  • Discuss commercial EA’s and Indicators
  • Get insider information from Cam and his interactions with traders interviewed on the 52 Traders podcast

What Our Customers Are Saying

“This course is absolutely superb & amazing value for money.”

I am in no way affiliated with Cam Hawkins & purchased his course after trying out the EA he showed on his Youtube video.

Having been ripped off more times than I care to remember by dishonest vendors in this online trading environment, I knew I was taking a risk.

Well all I can say is this is the best money I have ever spent. This course is absolutely superb & amazing value for money.

The EA’s that Cam gives away with the course are worth several times the price of the course alone, never mind the excellent video tuition.

He also includes at the present time 11 proven profitable trading methods for converting to EA’s.

After watching the first few videos I made my own EA which produced a steady positive equity curve over 5 years without curve fitting. I am so looking forward to putting into practice the rest of the material from the videos.

As the community grows it will only get better as we share EAs & trading ideas.

Thank you Cam for putting this together.

Kevin D

United Kingdom

“I’m recommending Cam’s Automate My Trading course!”

I found the Automate My Trading course to be quite comprehensive in it’s material and was able to things running with very little help from Cam. Now I have to say that this is a much simpler statement than it seems because my character is one which is always questioning everything before I can do anything, if you know what I mean. Guess I’ve been called a perfectionist more than once.

So for me to say that the course is quite comprehensive is a big deal because I can find more faults in anything before I can even get started. Cam has put a lot of work into this to cover as many details as possible and that is something I rarely find, like I still can’t find a place that cooks a steak just the way I like it except at home. Yes I know, I can and have driven people mad with my pedantism.

So if you have a good steak place in mind or a really good recipe to recommend to me, I’m all ears. In exchange I’m recommending Cam’s Automate My Trading course!

Philip L.


“What a find!”

Having manually traded the forex market for several years (with mixed results) I came to the realization that all the highest liquidity is in the European & US sessions.

Living in New Zealand & trading these sessions (especially the US session) would mean being up half the night.

With a day job this was out of the question. So I embarked upon a journey of trying to write an EA. In my search I stumbled across Cam Hawkins Course “Automate My Trading”. What a find!

I am in the process of going through the videos a second time around, and am still picking up on things I missed on the first viewing.

The video’s on testing, troubleshooting & optimization are especially valuable!

If I had to rely solely on the help provided on the forum on the FXDreema site (the Software used to create the EA’s) it would have been a long protracted drawn out exercise, with a lot of screen time & not much forward movement.

This Course has dramatically shortened up my learning curve & add to that Cam’s willingness to answer all your questions (no matter how trivial), I am making great progress.

There are a lot of people out there in the forex world selling snake oil in an attempt to make a buck, but this course & Cam is not one of them. If anything he over delivers!

Justin A.

New Zealand

“ I only wish I had the opportunity to sign up with Cam much sooner!”

I have been actively trading the forex market for 8 years and have signed up to many different courses, read numerous books and have listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts.

What Cam is offering in his Automate My Trading course I have not seen anywhere else.

I came to the conclusion some time ago that developing your own EA that suits your style and personality is the best way to ensure adherence to a system with a proven edge and hence achieve consistent returns trading FX. I only wish I had the opportunity to sign up with Cam much sooner!

Vince Clissa


“… I have found Cam’s course to be invaluable.”

As someone completely new to building EA’s, I have found Cam’s course to be invaluable. I have also appreciated his readiness and willingness to help whenever I’ve had questions. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Dave Wysong

United States

The Possibilities Are Endless…

Here are just some of the EA’s created by our course graduates.

Join “Automate My Trading” Today

When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:

The FULL AMT EA Building Training Course: Priority access to all 8 Modules with downloadable videos, cheat sheets and EA's

BONUS #1 - 15 pre-made EA’s you can import directly into your FxDreema account saving you weeks of development work

BONUS #2 - Software that generates 99.9% back test results every time (includes license key)

BONUS #3 - 3 month FxDreema subscription boost giving you plenty of time to get your EA builds underway


BONUS #4 - 10 proven trading strategies to kick start your EA development career

BONUS #5 - Get a copy of every EA I create during my live webinars

SPECIAL BONUS - Get access to the Private Members Only Google+ Group


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $1,983

And that’s not even counting the unannounced surprises and value bombs I’ll be dropping on you once we get started…

But because I’m super excited to welcome you as a student (and watch you build your first EA’s in just a couple of weeks) I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in the AMT EA Builder Course TODAY at the special promo price of …

 NOT $1,983,Only $997

Get Lifetime Membership for just $997 $697

Get Immediate Access to All Course Modules, Downloads, Bonuses & VIP Community

Have questions? Click here to reach out to us. paypal_icons

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to turn my strategy into an EA after taking the course?

Yes. As long as your strategy has mechanical rules and isn’t based on “gut feel” or intuition then you should be able to build in any strategy. The things that are a little more difficult are placing trend lines exactly where you want them to be, but it’s still possible to place these on a chart and use them in your strategy.

Does FxDreema cost anything?

Yes, but it depends on your length of commitment and how big your EA projects become.

For example, if you have a strategy with less than 10 connections you can use it for free. Or you can just go ahead and create a free account now.

If you have just a few strategies you want to build then you may only want to use the 3 month subscription boost we provide as part of the course. If you want to build and tweak strategies all the time then the yearly subscription provides the best value for money at $95 ($7.92/month… Cheaper than a Big Mac meal!)

You can see the full pricing table here. The good thing is that you can come and go as you please and your account and all your historical builds will still be there for you to pick up where you left off.

Do you offer refunds or money back guarantees?

Not really. I’m so confident in the quality of what you’ll learn, the tools you’ll get access to (and own), along with your ability to build EA’s by the end, I decided I l only wanted students who were willing to commit.

If this sounds like you then we welcome you on board!

If, however, there are exceptional circumstances that happen in your life, after ordering the course, I will be fair and reasonable and give you a full or partial refund. I will look at these on a case by case basis and make a decision based on any associated proof along with the length of time you have been a member.

Don't I need to be good at maths to build EA's?

No. Basic maths is all you need. Things like:
– addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
– percentages
– greater than, less than, equal to and not equal to
– price
– time

You’ll be pleased to know that these are all covered off in the course and anything that seems more advanced is just a subset of the above.

Can I use multiple time frames in a strategy?

Yes, you can use any MT4 time frame in a single strategy, e.g. you place trades on the M1 chart using signals from the M15 and M30 charts at the same time and in one EA.

Will I be able to create EA's that use multiple instruments/symbols/markets to place trades?

Yes, you can use any symbol available from your broker in any of your EA’s, e.g. you could place trades on the EURUSD based on what’s happening in the S&P index.

What if I can't build my strategy after taking the course?

Our community is where you can get help from other members and myself, if you get stuck on a problem when building your strategy.

What if I don't have a strategy?

We have links in the members that point you to places you can find mechancial trading strategies, e.g.

Can I build EA's from Custom Indicators that are locked down with security?

Yes, in most cases you can use custom indicators that have been secured by a vendor with MQL Lock or some other type of security. On the odd occasion you will run into issues.

Customer indicators in .ex4 format can be used when creating EA’s without issue.

As a Reminder, Here’s What You’ll Be Getting…

When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:

The FULL AMT EA Building Training Course: Priority access to all 8 Modules with downloadable videos, cheat sheets and EA's

BONUS #1 - 15 pre-made EA’s you can import directly into your FxDreema account saving you weeks of development work

BONUS #2 - Software that generates 99.9% back test results every time (includes license key)

BONUS #3 - 3 month FxDreema subscription boost giving you plenty of time to get your EA builds underway


BONUS #4 - 10 proven trading strategies to kick start your EA development career

BONUS #5 - Get a copy of every EA I create during my live webinars

SPECIAL BONUS - Get access to the Private Members Only Google+ Group


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $1,983

And that’s not even counting the unannounced surprises and value bombs I’ll be dropping on you once we get started…

But because I’m super excited to welcome you as a student (and watch you build your first EA’s in just a couple of weeks) I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in the AMT EA Builder Course TODAY at the special promo price of …

 NOT $1,983,Only $997

Get Lifetime Membership for just $997 $697

Get Immediate Access to All Course Modules, Downloads, Bonuses & VIP Community

Have questions? Click here to reach out to us. paypal_icons

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