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This EA came about from a interview with Shonn Campbell, a trader who I interviewed on the 52 Traders Podcast. You can hear the interview in full here.

The basic premise. We look for a stack of EMA’s and when this occurs and price retraces to hit the slowest EMA we enter at the low of the candle with a stop at the high of the candle and take a 1:1 risk to reward ratio.

I’ve also added a trailing stop based on the high/low of the previous candle and some time constraints.

All of these can be adjusted to your liking and it can be run on any timeframe or pair.

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EMA1 – The Slowest EMA: 200
EMA2 – The Slow EMA: 100
EMA3 – The Fast EMA: 34
EMA4 – The Fastest EMA 20
Stack_Height_Min – The minimum height, as a price fraction, from EMA1 to EMA4, e.g. 0.002
TP_Percent_of_SL – The percentage of the Stop Loss Take Profit should be, e.g. 200% of the Stop Loss
SL_Offset_Pips – The distance in pips,┬áto place the stop, from the high/low of the trigger candle
Lots – the Volume per order
Start_Time – the time it will start looking for trade setups
End_Time – the time it will stop looking for trade setups
Trailing_Stop – turn traling stop on or off
Trailing_Start_Pips – the distance from the Open Price the trailing stop should start working, e.g 10 pips profit from the Open Price
Trailing_Step_Pips – the distance the price must move into profit before moving the stop loss to the next level (in this case the trailing stop has been set at the prior high/low of the candle before the current candle)

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